Table 2.

Trial 1, 1999. The influence of different sugars and concentrations applied as a root drench on leaf chlorophyll and carotenoid concentrations, photosynthetic rates, and chlorophyll fluorescence of transplanted birch (Betula pendula Roth.).

SugarChlorophyll concentration (μg/g fresh weight)Carotenoid (μg/g fresh weight)Photosynthetic rate (CO2 pmol/m/s)Fv/Fm
Week 6Week 24Week 6Week 24Week 6Week 24Week 6Week 24
25 g/L75.4ns70.2ns5.5ns6.3ns6.7ns7.4ns0.76ns0.78ns
50 g/L57.5*73.9ns4.4*7.0ns4.9*7.2ns0.60*0.78ns
70 g/L50.2*75.8ns4.2*6.8ns4.7*6.9ns0.59*0.83ns
25 g/L69.4ns68.8ns5.7ns5.9ns6.8ns6.8ns0.77ns0.81ns
50 g/L60.3ns74.4ns5.1ns6.0ns5.1*7.0ns0.67ns0.80ns
70 g/L53.4*77.9ns4.7*5.7ns4.9*7.5ns0.62*0.79ns
25 g/L71.1ns75.2ns5.4ns6.3ns6.4ns7.3ns0.80ns0.82ns
50 g/L59.2*76.3ns4.7*6.2ns4.9*7.1ns0.65*0.83ns
70 g/L51.5*73.4ns4.3*5.6ns5.0*6.7ns0.62*0.78ns
25 g/L70.2ns74.8ns5.7ns5.5ns6.8ns7.2ns0.80ns0.79ns
50 g/L58.4*72.4ns4.9*6.4ns5.7ns7.0ns0.63*0.81ns
70 g/L55.5*78.9ns4.4*6.4ns5.3*7.0ns0.60*0.80ns
  • All chlorophyll fluorescence values (Fv/Fm) mean of 30 leaf readings. All photosynthesis, chlorophyll, and carotenoid values are mean of two leaves on each of five trees.

  • LSD = least significant difference; ns = not significant,

  • * = P ≤ 0.05 (control versus sugar treatment mean within a column).