Table 2.

Bosque lacebark elm (Ulmus parvifolia) conditions 14 months after planting in 200 ft3 of soil medium covered with concrete.

TreatmentAverage trunk diameter (cm)Average diameter change since planting (cm)Average twig growth 2005 (cm)Average visual foliar rating (0–5 scale)Average SPADAverage SPAD change since plantingAverage visual dieback (percentage of crown)Total root length at rhizotron window (cm)
Gravel/soil2.35 a*0.52 ab23.97 a3.5 ab37.93 b  −7.48 ab0 a  3
Stalite/soil2.12 b0.28 bc11.33 c3.0 b36.48 b  −0.35 a0 a  0
Stalite1.97 b0.15 c  3.13 d1.0 c13.30 c−16.80 b  6.7 b  0
Compacted soil2.38 a0.52 ab17.33 b2.8 b33.95 b  −6.28 ab0 a  0
Noncompacted soil2.57 a0.65 a24.73 a4.0 a44.00 a  −0.88 a0 a61
  • * Means with the same letter were not significantly different as determined by analysis of variance with Student-Newman-Keuls separation of mean (P = 0.05).