Table 1.

Chemical and physical properties of media used to grow containerized tree seedlingsz.

MediayChemical propertiesxPhysical propertiesw
pHEC (dS/m)BD (g/cm3)PD (g/cm3)AFP (%)CC (%)PS (%)
CT7.4 a  3.6 d0.3 c0.5 d  8.7 e  66.9 c46.7 e
MM360 (MM)6.4 c  0.7 g0.1 e0.3 e  5.9 fg  64.6 cd66.7 b
3CT:1MM7.5 a  2.4 e0.3 c0.7 c  7.2 f  77.1 b54.2 cde
1CT:1MM7.4 a  2.1 ef0.2 d0.5 d  5.4 g  73.1 b60.0 bcd
1CT:3MM7.1 ab  1.3 fg0.1 e0.3 e  3.2 h  67.4 c61.1 bc
GPT6.4 c13.0 b0.7 b1.4 b12.6 d109.4 a51.1 de
SP6.8 bc  9.8 c0.8 a1.6 a18.6 c113.5 a51.0 de
CM5.6 d  4.5 d0.2 d0.5 d20.9 b  60.7 d60.0 bcd
MM5604.8 e14.3 a0.1 e0.5 d22.7 a  61.7 d78.3 a
  • z Values represent the mean of three replications. Values in the same column differ significantly when followed by a different letter, LSD0.05.

  • y Refer to text for description of media composition.

  • x Each sample consisted of a water:substrate ratio of 1:1 (v/v). EC = electrical conductivity; pH and EC of water used in sample preparation = 5.91 and 0.02, respectively.

  • w Each sample consisted of a water:substrate ratio of 2:1 (v/v). BD = bulk density; PD = particle density; AFP = air filled porosity; CC = container capacity; PS = pore space.