Table 6.

(experiment 2) The influence of sucrose on growth of containerized holly (Ilex aquifolium L.) placed outdoors at week 8 after application of salt (NaCl).

TreatmentLeaf area (cm2)Root DW (g)Shoot DW (g)Leaf DW (g)Total DW (g)
30 g NaCl104 ab1.51 a2.66 ab2.21 b6.38 ab
60 g NaCl  87 a1.62 ab2.55 a1.54 a5.71 a
Sucrose 25 g + 30 g NaCl150 c3.08 c2.58 a2.84 c8.50 c
Sucrose 25 g + 60 g NaCl153 d2.64 c3.00 b3.32 c8.96 c
Sucrose 50 g + 30 g NaCl125 bc2.70 c2.79 ab3.20 c8.69 c
Sucrose 50 g + 60 g NaCl119 abc2.38 bc2.67 ab2.15 ab7.20 b
LSD  33.70.7810.3650.6251.165
  • All values mean of six trees. Means followed by different letters demonstrate a significant difference at P < 0.05 according to Fisher protected LSD test. LSD = least significant difference.