Table 2.

Fatal occupational injuries by percentages among tree workers by U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Injury/Illness event or exposure category.

CitationnContact with objects & equipmentExposure to harmful substances or environmentFalls, slips, & tripsTransportation incidentsViolence & other injuries by person or animals
Buckley et al. (2008)  56436.0%18.8%33.2%11.2%0.9%
Castillo and Menendez (2009)1,28546.3%14.0%34.3%  5.1%0.0%
Wiatrowski (2005)  63735.3%18.7%32.5%12.2%0.9%
Present study  86541.5%16.6%33.9%  6.1%0.9%