Table 1.

Occupational injuries to arborists involving fatal or severe nonfatal injuries, 2001–2017 inclusive by U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics event category, subcategories, and source.

Event and sourcesFatal n 865Nonfatal n 441
Contact with objects and equipment
    Struck by an object or equipment
        Falling tree14524
        Falling branch10456
        Chipper (branch, lines, projectiles)1315
        Chain saw1341
    Caught in or compressed by equipment or objects
        Chipper (pulled in)3423
        Collapsing palm skirt253
        Stump cutter grinding wheel29
Falls, slips, and trips
    Falls to lower level
        Aerial device operator9332
    Falls to same level05
Exposure to harmful substances or environment
    Temperature extremes82
    Oxygen deficiency10
Transportation incidents
    Pedestrian vehicular4317
    Roadway incidents involving motorized land vehicles63
    Rail vehicle20
Violence and other injuries caused by persons or animals
    Intentional injury by person10
    Unintentional injury by person20
    Animal- and insect-related incidents52
Fire and explosion
Occupational illnesses80