Table 7.

An extract of the 5-year roadside tree planting plan showing the assignment of suitable number of trees and species to individual potential planting sites identified in the course of the tree census.

Serial numberMap referenceDistrictStreetSite codeLand useRoadside locationPlantable width (m)Building setbackPlantable tree (no.)Species
  111NE01AWTSTsz Wan Shan Rd  1  314.5  2  6Callistemon rigidus
  211NE01BWTSTsz Wan Shan Rd  1  213.8  230Callistemon rigidus
  311NE01BWTSTsz Wan Shan Rd  21014.8  3  2Spathodea campanulata
  411NE01CWTSChuk Yuen Rd  1  313.0  216Syzygium hancei
  511NE01CWTSChuk Yuen Rd  21012.9  318Jacaranda mimosifolia
  611NE01CWTSChuk Yuen Rd  3  213.2  213Syzygium hancei
  711NE01CWTSChuk Yuen Rd  41013.1  319Jacaranda mimosifolia
  811NE01CWTSChoi Chuk St  51013.0  314Podocarpus nagi
  911NE01CWTSChoi Chuk St  6  213.0112Brachychiton acerifolius
1011NE01CWTSWing Chuk St  71012.8  313Albizia lebbeck
1111NE01CWTSWing Chuk St  81013.2  313Pterocarya stenoptera
1211NE01CWTSChui Chuk Lane  91012.8  316Khaya senegalensis
1311NE01CWTSChui Chuk Lane101012.8  314Koelreuteria bipinnata
1411NE01CWTSChui Chuk Lane111012.8  323Khaya senegalensis
1511NE01CWTSChuk Yuen Rd121013.3  314Jacaranda mimosifolia
1611NE01CWTSChuk Yuen Rd131013.3  3  9Bischofia javanica
1711NE01CWTSChuk Yuen Rd141013.2  316Jacaranda mimosifolia
1811NE01CWTSShatin Pass Rd151014.0114Sapium sebiferum
1911NE01CWTSShatin Pass Rd16  614.81  8Oroxylum indicum
2011NE01CWTSChuk Yuen Rd171012.9  31Bischofia javanica
2111NE01CWTSNga Chuk St18  913.6  3  7Brachychiton acerifolius
2211NE01CWTSShatin Pass Rd191013.0  325Sapium sebiferum
2311NE01CWTSTsz Wan Shan Rd20  213.81  6Michelia champaca
2411NE01CWTSTsz Wan Shan Rd21  213.8110Michelia champaca
2511NE01DWTSTsz Wan Shan Rd11013.2  3  2Spathodea campanulata