Table 1.

General plot information collected for the UFORE Model.

Plot IDzUnique identifier
Plot addressy
Date and crew
Photo numberUsed to help identify plot
Measurement unitszUnits for all measurement in the plot; metric (m/cm) or English (ft/in)
Reference objectsyAt least two objects that will assist in locating plot center for future plot remeasurements
Distance to reference objectyDistance from plot center to each reference object (ft or m)
Direction to objectyDirection from plot center to each reference object (degrees)
Tree measurement point (TMP)yIf plot center falls on a building or other surface (such as a highway) where plot center cannot be accessed, the plot is not moved; all distances and directions to trees are measured and recorded from a recorded fixed point (e.g., building corner) referred to as the TMP
Percent measuredzProportion of the plot that is actually measured as portions of plot may be denied access
Land usezAs determined by crew in the field from a standard list of land uses
Percent inzProportion of the plot in each land use to nearest 1%
Tree coverzPercent of plot area covered by tree canopies estimated to nearest 5%
Shrub coverzPercent of plot area covered by shrub canopies estimated to nearest 5%
Plantable spacePercent of plot area that is plantable for trees (i.e., plantable soils space not filled with tree canopies) and tree planting would not be restricted as a result of land use (footpath, baseball field, and so on); to nearest 5%
  • zRequired for UFORE analysis.

  • yRequired for permanent reference of plot.

  • UFORE = Urban Forest Effects.