Table 2.

Effect of soil management techniques on and plant height (cm), trunk diameter (cm), and shoot length of Tilia × europaea.z

ParameterYearPine barkCompostControlP
Height increment (cm)2004–200512.52011.11NS
2005–200667.61 ab77.83 a51.08 b**
Total height increment (cm)2004–200680.1197.8362.19NS
Diameter increment (mm)2004–2005  9.5 ab  8.73 b10.41 a*
2005–200616.3 b19.17 a14.09 b**
Total diameter increment (mm)2004–200742.84 b46.07 a40.89 b*
Shoot length (cm)200520.02 b25.97 a18.14 b**
200675.45 b83.57 a58.83 c**
200782.94 a79.8 a63.67 b**
  • zData are reported as means and subjected to analysis of variance. Different letters within the same row indicate statistical differences at P ≤ 0.05 (*) or P ≤ 0.01 (**) using Duncan test.

  • NS = nonsignificant.