Table 3.

Treatment description for stone-soil systems in 2001 planted dry down study in Florida. Differences tested in ANOVA at a = 0.05 listed as significant if P < 0.001.

ASTM #4 Limestone (80%) Soil type (20%)Loamy sandSandy loamDifference
Replicate count in analysis1724
Compacted density (Mg m−3)1.75±0.0151.66±0.014y
Replicate soil volume (m3)0.0134±0.00020.0132±0.0002n
Calculated porosity (m3/m3)0.3400.374
Free drain moisture (m3/m3)*0.137±0.0030.163±0.003y
Dry end point moisture** (m3/m3 @ 1200 kPa matric tension)0.059±0.0030.050±0.002
Plant Available Moisture Estimation7.8%11.3%
  • *Moisture content and Standard Error of mean derived from initial data measures after 10.5 hours free drainage

  • **Moisture content and Standard Error of model fit values derived from predicted values (a = 0.05) in simple linear regression (Minitab 14) using negative natural log transformed matric tension and volumetric moisture data. ANOVA not used on fitted data.