Table 1.

Listing of testing protocol and system dimensions used from standardized methods.

AASHTO designation (pages)ASTM Test method designation (pages)Protocol title
M 43D448Standard classification for sizes of aggregate for road and bridge construction
T 85-91 (85-88)C-127-88 (64-68)Test method for specific gravity and absorption of coarse aggregate
T 99-94 (123-128)D698-91 (77-84)Test method for laboratory compaction characteristics of soil using standard effort 12,400 ft-lb/ft3 (600 kN*m/m3)
T 100-93 (129-132)D-854-92 (88-91)Test method for specific gravity of soils
T 191-93 (367-369)D1556-90 (120-125)Test method of density and unit weight of soil in place by the balloon sand cone method
T 193-93 (373-378)D1883-94 (159-165)Test method for CBR (California Bearing Ratio) of laboratory compacted soils
T 215-70 (434)D2434-68-94 (202-206)Test method for permeability of granular soils (constant head)