Table 1.

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) P-values for the effect of application rate on total N concentration (N), weighted total (N), and N partitioning in common hackberry tissues at Arlington, WI, and Lisle, IL in 2002.

ParameterTissue TypeArlington, WI Days after FertilizationLisle, IL Days after Fertilization
Total [N] (% dry weight)Foliage0.144z0.052<0.0010.2850.0120.4850.1960.143
Current Stem Wood0.8450.0930.1000.2290.0980.7870.7500.449
Stem Wood0.8590.8040.6790.0370.1010.6610.0790.641
Weighted Total [N] (% dry weight)All Aboveground Tissuesy0.1980.2120.0060.6970.5050.2690.0450.841
N PartitioningFoliage0.6700.0050.7470.9390.1890.9470.9290.983
Current Stem Wood0.6770.8130.2290.8040.2420.8400.7930.049
Stem Wood0.0950.0610.3620.9080.2630.9230.9300.955
  • zAll values are means of n = 5.

  • ySum of percent N in foliage, current season stem wood, stem wood × percent aboveground biomass (dry weight) represented by each of these tissues.