Table 3.

Factors related to successful tree maintenance.

FactorComponents and descriptors
Independent variables
    Structural/demographicEducation (percent high school degree or more)
Income (median household income)
Population size
    Availability of state resourcesMayor’s knowledge of state forestry agency
    Municipal organizational structureIndex, based on whether town has:
  • a tree ordinance;

  • specific department and person responsible for UCF; or

  • specific budget for UCF.

    Characteristics of mayorValue of trees to mayor (count of perceived benefits of trees the mayor cites)
Importance of tree maintenance for mayor
Years served as mayor
    Challenges of maintenanceCosts of planting, maintenance, liability/insurance, storm cleanup, impeding progress, lack of consensus on assigning tree value
    Community social capitalExtent of public interest in planting and maintenance
Dependent variable
    Basic tree maintenanceIndex based on whether town routinely performs pruning, mulching, removal/stump grinding, fertilizing, and planting
  • UCF = urban and community forestry.