Table 2.

Experiment 1: Contrast P-values determined using PDIFF, GLM procedure (SAS) for number of roots per cm2. P-values were from roots counted after slicing soil at 2-cm thickness from the bottom and side of containers with Pouteria obovata and Calophyllum soulattri growing at 2 levels of soil compaction: 1.45 g cm−3 and 1.66 g cm−3.

Per cm2 surface area root ends
Contrast P-values
2 cm from bottom4 cm from bottom2 cm from exterior side4 cm from exterior side
Pouteria obovata compaction level 1 vs. 20.210.0870.1510.107
Calophyllum soulattri compaction level 1 vs. 20.1010.230.0960.07