Table 1:

Major issues addressed by tree ordinances in Alabama cities.

Issues Addressed# of cities
Amended at least once13
Having tree commission (board)73
Tree planting, removal and replacement on public land70
Public trees protection and care68
Tree species selection recommended to be planted57
Dead or deceased tree removal on private property51
Definition of street trees34
Nuisance trees32
Private trees protection32
Spatial requirement (e.g., distance from curb, sidewalk, street corners and fireplugs, distance between trees)31
Penalty for violation27
Arborists licensed and bonded20
Tree topping, pruning and corner clearance19
Tree removal and protection on development sites12
Tree preservation and planting credit9
Heritage trees5
Tree protection close to or under utilities line1
  • Data sources: Authors’ compilation from surveys conducted in 1996 and 2006. The data set included 81 cities.