Table 1.

Mean fresh weight biomass in Kg (Standard Error) of new growth measure 20 weeks after treatment by shearing shrubs to their pretreatment size and weighing the freshly cut leaves and twigs.

SpeciesNontreated Control Kg (S.E.) of Biomass1000 ppm PBZ Kg (S.E.) of Biomass4000 ppm PBZ Kg (S.E.) of Biomass
Abelia × grandiflora1.39 (.17) a*0.93 (.09) b0.68 (.09) b
Ligustrum japonicum4.13 (.35) a3.13 (.17) b2.62 (.12) b
Ligustrum sinense1.07 (.14)1.04 (.08)0.93 (.14)
Loropetalum chinensis2.16 (.08) a1.54 (.08) b1.46 (.08) b
  • *Means followed by the same letter are not significantly different as determined by ANOVA test and Student-Newman-Keuls separation of mean, α = 0.05.