Table 1a.

Experiment 1: Contrast P-values determined using PDIFF, GLM procedure (SAS) for hydraulic conductivity of Pouteria obovata and Calophyllum soulattri through 2 levels of soil compaction—1.45 g cm−3 and 1.66 g cm−3—across 6 measurement dates in a year.

Compaction level 1 (dry density = 1.45 g cm−3)Contrast P-values
10 Feb15 Apr12 Jun13 Aug10 Oct15 Dec
Pouteria obovata vs. no tree0.0020.0150.0010.0010.0140.006
Calophyllum soulattri vs. no tree0.0040.0230.270.0230.0230.142
Pouteria obovata vs. Calophyllum soulattri0.0160.1340.1570.0670.1290.09