Table 2.

Concentration of selected minerals in leaves of three crapemyrtle (Lagerstroemia) cultivars subjected to increasing salinity stress. The plants were subjected to the salinity treatments over a 15 week experimental period.

Independent VariableNzPKCaMgFeMnNaCl
(%)(mg kg−1)(%)
‘Pink Lace’2.70 a0.23 a1.34 b2.42 a0.63 b119 a566 a1368 b1.60 b
‘Natchez’2.41 b0.25 a1.51 a1.73 b0.68 a110 b549 a1770 a1.77 a
‘Basham’s Party Pink’---0.19 b1.17 c1.70 b0.53 c103 b506 a1155 b1.39 c
NaCl Concentration
  0 mM2.500.
  3 mM2.480.211.361.940.631015202951.27
  6 mM2.480.221.362.010.621165114791.61
12 mM2.560.231.361.970.6111862019212.19
24 mM2.760.251.351.790.5711753242832.23
  Cultivar (CV)*****************NS*****
Salt Concentration (SC)****NSNS***NS******
  • zLeaf N concentration data was only available for two cultivars, and thus statistical analysis of data for this element applies only to those two cultivars.

  • yMean separation of cultivar main effects by Duncan’s LSD (0.05). Mean values having similar letters are not significantly different from each other.

  • xAnalysis of variance for main effects (CV, SC) and interaction (CV*SC). NS = not significantly different; *, **, and *** indicate significance at P ≤ 0.05, P ≤ 0.01, and P ≤ 0.001, respectively.