Table 1.

Actual and changes in Mn concentrations (from month 0) in leaf 1 of coconut palms that were treated with manganese sulfate via soil application, petiole injection, or trunk injection. Means with different letters following are statistically different at the P = 0.05 level based on the Waller-Duncan k-ratio method. (n = 10)

TreatmentActual Mn concentration (ppm)Change in Mn concentration (ppm)
Month 0Month 1Month 3Month 6Month 1Month 3Month 6
1: Control (no Mn)118.5116.4 b89.8 b69.6 b2.1 b−28.7 b−48.9 b
2: Soil application128.6145.7 ab97.5 b73.4 b17.2 b−31.1 b−53.2 b
3: Petiole injections (4)143.1145.9 ab125.6 b86.6 ab2.8 b−17.5 b−56.5 b
4: Petiole injection (1)112.6110.5 b84.9 b63.6 b−2.1 b−27.7 b−49.0 b
5: Trunk injection89.8191.8 a203.2 a113.3 a101.9 a113.4 a23.5 a