Table 1.

Synthetic park’s features. Forest cover (the area covered by trees) correlation was not evaluated in Lama Balice park, because the natural vegetation was populated with shrubs and not trees.

Urban forest areaArea (ha)CodeDistance from the cityForest cover (ha)
Milano Parco NordMI1596,5716880,117
Milano TrennoMI261689546,71
Milano Bosco in cittàMI349,8880038,628
Milano SempioneMI451,2150326,912
Milano Monte stellaMI538,6525615,858
Milano MontanelliMI619,4142410,54
Parco RavizzaMI77,818123,284
Milano CaveMI8119,1703237,042
Parco SolariMI95,619512,122
Milano ForlaniniMI1059,7557231,834
Giardini Via PallavicinoMI116,223962,352
Milano LambroMI1271,7577438,539
Parco Trotter di TurroMI1313,143066,967
Bari Umberto 1BA11,80,10,27
Bari 2 giugnoBA2420001
Bari Lama BaliceBA31197500N.A.