Table 3.

Skills and competencies acquired by interns while participating in the Urban Resources Initiative’s field training programs, as identified and coded from semi-structured interviews. All skills and competencies listed in this table were identified by at least 2 interviewees and are ranked in order of prevalence in interviews, from highest to lowest. Skills/competencies marked with an (*) were identified by different interviewees as both a program strength and a program deficiency.

Community GreenspaceGreenSkillsShared
StrengthsCollaborative Planning Techniques
Project Management
Invasive Species Control
Conflict Facilitation/Resolution
Volunteer Management
Engaging City Government Agencies
Anti-Racism and Environmental Justice
Use of Arboriculture/Landscaping
Youth Mentorship
Communicating Tree-Care and
Stewardship Best Practices to
Neighborhood Residents
Tree Surveys, Inventory, Measurement*
Community Engagement
Working as Part of a Team
Best Management Practices
Tree Planting
Troubleshooting and Adaptability
Working with Diverse and/or Marginalized
DeficienciesTree Surveys, Inventory, Measurement*
Urban Park Silviculture
Team Leadership
Native Plant Communities and Tree ID