Table 2.

Top 10 skills and competencies acquired by interns while participating in one or more of Urban Resources Initiative’s (URI’s) field training programs, as identified by survey respondents (a). Top 10 skills and competencies designated as deficient or missing from URI’s field training programs, as identified by survey respondents (b).

a. Program strengths: skill/competencyThemeSurvey respondents
Working as Part of a TeamProfessional Skills75%
Community EngagementCommunity Engagement68%
Project ManagementProfessional Skills63%
Working with Diverse and/or Marginalized CommunitiesCommunity Engagement61%
Social and Community ForestrySocial Forestry61%
Working IndependentlyProfessional Skills59%
Collaborative PlanningPlanning, Design, and Aesthetics57%
Social/Political EcologyEnvironmental Sciences and Urban Ecology55%
Team LeadershipProfessional Skills52%
Tree PlantingArboriculture, Operations, and Urban Forest Management48%
b. Program weaknesses: skill/competencyThemeSurvey respondents
Tree Diseases and Pest ManagementArboriculture, Operations, and Urban Forest Management27%
Anti-Racism and Environmental JusticeSocial Forestry23%
Spatial Analysis (GIS)Planning, Design, Aesthetics21%
Urban Park SilvicultureArboriculture, Operations, and Urban Forest Management18%
Conflict FacilitationCommunity Engagement18%
Ecosystem ResiliencyEnvironmental Sciences and Urban Ecology18%
Urban Forestry Master PlanningPlanning, Design, and Aesthetics18%
Biophysical Science MethodsEnvironmental Sciences and Urban Ecology16%
Budget PlanningPlanning, Design, and Aesthetics16%
Integration of Research and ManagementProfessional Skills16%