Table 3.

Street- and park-tree species and genera composition from 1902 to 2019.

Street tree species19021928–19471987
Sugar maple37.45%NANANorway maple34.62%
American elm28.91%NANASugar maple19.91%
White willow10.71%NANAHoneylocust9.20%
Horsechestnut  8.01%NANASilver maple  6.26%
Red maple  3.68%NANARed maple  5.47%
Street tree genera19021928–19471987
Elm29.35%Elm30.88%Honeylocust  9.20%
Willow10.82%Horsechestnut  5.85%Oak  2.77%
Horsechestnut  8.01%Catalpa  2.56%Apple  2.68%
Ash  1.85%Ash  1.46%Planetree  2.62%
Street tree species1996200620132019
Norway maple22.54%Norway maple19.95%Norway maple14.39%Norway maple12.44%
Sugar maple  9.25%Sugar maple  9.02%Honeylocust  7.09%Honeylocust  7.31%
Honeylocust  6.59%Honeylocust  5.86%Crabapple  5.80%Crabapple  6.76%
Crabapple  5.38%Crabapple  5.35%Sugar maple  5.65%Sugar maple  4.80%
London planetree  3.68%London planetree  3.70%London planetree  3.79%London planetree  3.92%
Street tree genera1996200620132019
Honeylocust  6.59%Oak  5.98%Oak  9.27%Oak  9.84%
Apple  5.39%Honeylocust  5.86%Honeylocust  7.09%Honeylocust  7.31%
Oak  5.18%Apple  5.44%Apple  5.90%Apple  6.98%
Planetree  3.93%Planetree  3.89%Planetree  3.96%Planetree  4.10%
Park tree species1996200620132019
Crabapple12.21%Crabapple12.02%Crabapple  6.39%Crabapple  8.22%
Eastern white pine  6.73%Eastern white pine  6.76%Eastern hemlock  6.39%Eastern hemlock  5.89%
Green ash  5.24%Green ash  5.03%Eastern white pine  5.82%Eastern white pine  4.81%
Eastern hemlock  5.24%Eastern hemlock  5.03%Green ash  4.96%Green ash  4.33%
Norway spruce  4.36%Norway spruce  4.18%Norway spruce  4.59%Norway spruce  4.15%
Park tree genera1996200620132019
Apple13.69%Apple13.44%Oak  7.95%Apple  8.96%
Pine  9.41%Pine  9.33%Pine  7.91%Oak  7.59%
Willow  7.85%Willow  7.98%Spruce  7.70%Spruce  6.70%
Spruce  7.09%Spruce  6.87%Apple  7.05%Pine  6.00%