Table 4.

F and P values from ANOVA for larval growth fed paper birch (Betula pendula) leaves or Austrian pine (Pinus nigra) needles collected from experimental trees.

Source of variation
Insect responsePaclobutrazol (P)Fertilization (F)Interaction P × F
Paper birch
Gypsy moth2003 (May 9)0.080.7730.010.9430.020.879
2004 (May 25)4.210.0483.900.0571.790.190
Forest tent caterpillar2003 (May 9)1.130.2950.150.7000.030.858
White-marked tussock moth2004 (August 25)4.420.0470.490.4930.930.344
Austrian pine
European pine sawfly2003 (April 21)0.000.9580.010.9141.840.182
2004 (May 10)0.120.7290.110.7410.600.445
2005 (May 11)3.390.0732.850.0990.070.793