Table 1.

Daily water loss and daily evaporation from mulched and non-mulched 360 L lysimeters filled with substrate or soil following application of 60 L irrigation at day zero.

Lysimeter contents/surface treatmentDaily water loss and (daily evaporation) in liters
Day 1Day 2Day 3
Mulched surface18.5 (2.0)y ax2.0 (0.5) b1.0 (0.5)b
Non-mulched surface17.5 (1.0) b2.5 (1.0) a2.0 (1.0) a
Mulched surface21.0 (0.5) a3.0 (1.0) a2.0 (0.5) a
Non-mulched surface21.5 (1.0) a3.5 (1.5) a2.0 (0.5) a
  • zSubstrate = bark:peat:sand substrate used in nursery containers, study conducted spring 2007; soil = fine sand native soil, study conducted autumn 2007.

  • yDaily evaporation (in parentheses) calculated as daily water loss from open lysimeters minus mean daily water loss from four covered control lysimeters.

  • xDaily evaporation means, within a lysimeter content, in a column with a different letter are statistically different at P < 0.05. Means based on nine replication lysimeters averaged across four dry-down period blocks.