Table 2.

Root dry weights of areca palms transplanted from containers or a field nursery with fertilizer applied at three locations and rates.

Root dry weight (g)
Experiment 1Experiment 2
Significant effectsTransplant sourceFertilizer placementRateTotal rootsTop rootsBottom rootsTotal roots
Container-grownBackfill incorporation6.235.2313.31 az17.97 a
Bottom of hole5.095.588.06 b13.65 ab
Surface application4.394.977.82 b12.51 b
Placement (P-value)NSyNS0.0380.05
03.113.62 b4.92 b7.88 b
2505.066.89 a9.79 a16.07 a
5005.423.61 b9.52 a13.17 a
Rate (P-value)NS0.0160.050.0083
Field-grownBackfill incorporation14.078.61 ab9.4817.23 b
Bottom of hole13.4612.79 a11.0223.74 a
Surface application11.105.48 b8.6814.15 b
Placement (P-value)NS0.04NS0.01
00.385.654.11 b9.75 b
25015.319.7310.25 a19.45 a
50010.678.329.23 a17.45 a
Rate (P-value)NSNS0.00460.033
Overall Effects (P-values)
Transplant source0.00010.0012NS0.0058
Source × placementNSNS0.0280.012
Source × rateNSNSNSNS
Placement × rateNSNSNS0.034
  • zMean separation within columns and fertilizer placement and rate groupings by the Waller-Duncan k-ratio method, P = 0.05.

  • yNon-significant.