Table 1.

Shoot growth of transplanted container-grown and field-grown areca palms with fertilizer applied at three locations and at three rates.

Shoot Growthz (cm)
Experiment 1Experiment 2
Significant effectsTransplant sourceFertilizer placementRateThree monthsSix monthsTwelve monthsThree monthsSix monthsTwelve months
Container-grownBackfill incorporation5.926.031.49.639.5 ay46.5 a
Bottom of hole17.619.039.615.826.8 b35.9 b
Surface application8.016.728.112.234.7 ab46.1 ab
Placement (P-value)NSxNSNSNS0.010.0059
01.7 b3.4 c25.71.8 b15.6 b22.4 b
2503.1 b11.1 b29.110.2 ab31.5 a39.6 a
50017.9 a30.1 a37.014.9 a35.5 a46.0 a
Rate (P-value)0.00040.027NS0.0350.00060.0013
Field-grownBackfill incorporation16.8 a17.919.811.019.019.9
Bottom of hole8.0 b10.
Surface application8.8 b4.824.18.48.922.1
Placement (P-value)0.0003NSNSNSNSNS b0.0 b4.4 b
2509.510.822.913.1 a15.1 a25.9 a
5007.011.618.91.7 b7.7 ab19.4 a
Rate (P-value)NSNSNS0.00940.050.0064
Overall effects (P-values)
Transplant source0.00040.00010.00010.0008NSNS
Source × placement0.0004NSNS0.0095NSNS
Source × rate0.00050.04NS0.00310.0190.049
Placement × rate0.049NSNSNS0.0006NS
  • zGrowth was calculated as height at three months minus initial height, height at six months minus initial height, and so forth.

  • yMean separation within columns and fertilizer placement and rate groupings by the Waller-Duncan k-ratio method, P = 0.05.

  • xNon-significant.