Table 2.

Leaf area (LA), shoot length, net photosynthesis (Pn), and water use efficiency (WUE) of English oak (Quercus robur ‘Select’) as affected by different planting-hole backfill mixes.

Shoot lengthy
(μmol CO2*m-2*sec-1)
(μmol CO2*mmol H2O)
Compostv20.80 br4.73 a7.81 a9.46 a
Fertilizationu24.99 a4.40 ab7.40 a8.42 ab
Leonarditet22.02 ab3.89 b7.21 a7.31 b
Controls20.85 b4.02 ab7.22 a8.89 ab
  • z Each value is the mean of 50 leaves per plant.

  • y Each value is the mean of 20 shoots per plant.

  • x Readings were taken on five fully expanded leaves per plant under condition of light saturation (PAR > 1,000 μmolm-2s-1) on two dates and averaged.

  • w WUE was calculated by dividing Pn by E.

  • v Excavated soil with 50% of high quality compost.

  • u Excavated soil + Nitrophoska blu Spezial, 1 kg.

  • t Excavated soil + leonardite, 2 kg of commercial product Humisol.

  • s Holes backfilled with excavated soil.

  • r Means within columns followed by different letters are significantly different from each other using LSD test, α = 0.05 level.