Table 1.

Leaf area (LA), shoot length, net photosynthesis (Pn), and water use efficiency (WUE) of English oak (Quercus robur ‘Select’) as affected by different nursery production methods.

Shoot lengthy
(μmol CO2*m-2*sec-1)
(μmol CO2*mmol H2O)
Balled-and-burlappedv19.18 bt4.68 a7.51 a9.36 a
Airplantu25.95 a3.65 b7.34 a7.85 b
  • z Each value is the mean of 50 leaves per plant.

  • y Each value is the mean of 20 shoots per plant.

  • x Readings were taken on five fully expanded leaves per plant under condition of light saturation (PAR > 1,000 μmolm-2s-1) on two dates and averaged.

  • w WUE was calculated by dividing Pn by E.

  • v Balled-and-burlapped five-year-old, 4- to 4.5-m-tall (13- to 15-ft), 12- to 14-cm-circumference (5- to 6-in.) plants.

  • u Airplant container plants with identical characteristics.

  • t Means within columns followed by different letters are significantly different from each other using LSD test, α = 0.05 level.