Table 1.

Trunk diameter, tree height, and circling root weight of live oak after 2 years growing in six different nursery production methods.

Production methodTrunk diameter (cm)Tree height (m)Circlingz root weight (g)
Plastic container5.8 by3.7 aby11.3 b
Plastic container with SpinOut6.1 ab3.7 a8.9 ab
Air root-pruning (ARP) container6.3 a3.7 a6.1 ab
Low-profile ARP container6.3 a3.9a2.8 a
Root-pruned, field-grown, B&B5.8 b3.5 bN/Ax
Non-root-pruned, field-grown, B&B6.3 a3.7 abN/A
  • z Circling root weight was the total root weight of all roots > 2 mm (0.08 in.) diameter visible on the outside surface of the root ball averaged from five trees per production method.

  • y Means in a column followed by the same letter were not different at P < 0.01. Twenty-eight trees from each production method were mea sured for trunk diameter and tree height.

  • x Field-grown B&B trees had no circling root weight on the outside edge of the root ball.