Table 1.

Direct and indirect problems, and possible solutions, for establishing trees in public housing developments.

ProblemPossible solutions
1. IrrigationPlanting maintenance techniques
Develop irrigation plan
Balance planting quantity with resources
2. Soil compaction or poor qualitySpecies selection
Site selection and assessment
Trench planting
3. Direct damagePlanting style (physical barriers)
Location selection
Site assessment
Care during transport and storage
4. Poor plantingReduce extent of planting
Monitor planting techniques
5. Poor tree qualityDevelop quality purchase system
Build relationships with suppliers
Mix suppliers periodically
6. Maintenance (lack of)Plant in accordance with available resources
Maintain accurate records
7. Planting logisticsPlan planting exercise
1. Physical damage (from other service, delivery, e.g., grass cutting)Notification of planting sites
Interdepartmental consultation
2. Limited finance/resourcesPlanting style/quantity
Establish priority requirements
Explore sources of finance
Contract management
Adopt a tree-planting strategy
3. Development/refurbishmentInterdepartmental consultation/agreements
Planting awareness, advertising
Accept scheme has a limited “shelf life”
4. NeglectEstablish sense of ownership
Satisfy requests for trees
Plant for personal reasons, e.g., commemorative
Promote maintenance by residents
5. Vandalism, people pressurePublic consultation
Establish the level of tree desirability