Table 1.

Percentage of Thyronectria austroamericana recovered from uncomposted infested honeylocust wood pieces.

Length of time on/in mulch layer (weeks)Collection datePercentage recovered
PositionzIrrigation treatmenty
Experiment One
108/10/9892.9 ax96.1 a96.9 a100.0 a89.1 b92.2 a
308/24/9868.8 a86.7 a79.7 a  92.2 a57.8 b81.3 a
509/07/9846.8 b85.1 a37.5 b  85.9 a56.2 a84.4 a
709/21/9863.3 a66.4 a79.7 a  78.1 a46.9 a54.7 a
910/05/9830.5 b85.2 a35.9 b  78.1 a25.0 b92.2 a
Experiment Two
209/14/9838.3 b91.4 a45.3 b92.2 a31.2 b90.6 a
409/28/9810.2 b94.5 a  7.8 b92.2 a12.5 b96.9 a
610/12/98  9.4 b88.3 a14.1 b89.1 a  4.7 b87.5 a
810/26/9810.9 b80.5 a21.9 b81.2 a  0.0 b79.7 a
1011/09/9824.2 b93.8 a31.2 b93.8 a17.2 b93.8 a
Experiment Three
208/24/9988.7 a80.5 a87.5 a75.8 a89.8 a85.2 a
509/14/9968.0 b83.6 a80.5 a80.5 a86.7 a52.3 b
2301/19/0089.8 a53.1 b89.1 a48.4 b90.6 a57.8 b
3103/13/0082.0 a51.2 b86.7 a54.7 b77.3 a47.7 b
4005/15/0073.8 a48.4 b78.9 a44.5 bc68.8 ab52.3 b
5909/26/0058.9 a58.9 a64.8 a53.1 a53.1 a64.8 a
9806/19/0115.6 b31.2 a25.0 a39.8 a  6.2 b22.7 ab
14305/09/0223.4 a24.2 a30.5 a22.6 a16.4 a25.8 a
  • z Position: Surface wood pieces were placed on mulch layer surface, and buried wood pieces were buried 10 cm (4 in.) in mulch. In experiments one and two, N =16; in experiment three, N = 32.

  • y Irrigation: Low irrigation sites received 40% ET, and high irrigation sites received 160% ET. In experiments one and two, N = 8; in experiment three, N = 16.

  • x Means followed by the same letter are not significantly different at the P = 0.05 level at a particular date for position or irrigation treatment.