Table 3.

Annual and total shoot growth (cm) for 2 years and total reduction expressed as a percentage of untreated controls of sweetgum and cherrybark oak in Louisiana untreated and treated in March 1997 with paclobutrazol using the soil drench method.

TreatmentYear2-year totalPercentage reduction
Central leader
Control83.5 a89.3 a172.8 a
Treated  6.5 b  1.4 b    7.9 b95
Lateral shoots
Control33.3 a28.0 a61.3 a
Treated  1.4 b  1.1 b  2.5 b96
Cherrybark oak
Central leader
Control36.1 a30.0 a66.1 a
Treated31.2 a  4.2 b35.4 b46
Lateral shoots
Control24.8 a25.0 a49.8 a
Treated23.9 a  4.8 b28.7 b42
  • Pairs of values followed by the same lowercase letter are not significantly different at the P ≤ 0.05 level.