Table 1.

Means of the root spread along rows and across rows, and deepest roots, with corresponding average dbh and height of cultivars of Amelanchier, Malus, Pyrus, and Syringa, located in three nurseries (C = College Gardens, N = Nittany Trees, P = PenCor nurseries), and along a Borough of State College street (B).

CultivarLocationNumberAlong the row (cm)Across the row (cm)Depth (cm)Dbh (cm)Height (m)
A. Autumn Brilliance®C5198.2154.024.83.863.83
A. ‘Cumulus’B6406.2262.069.316.086.41
A. ‘Snowcloud’C589.668.
M. Harvest Gold®N5270.8202.
M. ‘Professor SprengerC5240.0150.035.03.813.02
P. ‘Autumn Blaze’C5223.0193.460.44.623.57
P. Chanticleer®N5155.6107.455.05.283.83
S. ‘Ivory Silk’N5279.2234.058.86.653.67
S. ‘Ivory Silk’P5402.2311.050.010.464.57