Table 5.

Ranges and averages for incremental height and diameter growth rates for recently planted trees measured in Iowa and growth rates reported in the literature (sources noted as footnotes below table) for young trees.

Height (cm yr–1)Diameter (mm yr–1)
Measured in Iowa17–53295.0–13.08.0
  • zIncludes data for shoot extension from Kjelgren and Clark 1992 (sweetgum trees in Seattle); Rhoads et al. 1981 (several species in Philadelphia); and Buckstrup and Bassuk 2000 (hackberry, hophornbeam, and swamp white oak in Ithaca, New York), and estimates for height growth of young trees from Frelich 1992 (12 species, Minneapolis).

  • yIncludes data from Neal and Whitlow 1997 (willow oak in Washington, D.C.); Rhoades and Stipes 1999 (nine different species in Virginia); Kjelgren and Clark 1992 (as above); Frelich 1992 (as above), Jo and McPherson 1995 (several young hardwood species in Chicago); and Nowak et al. 1990 (black locust, southern magnolia, and London plane tree in California).