Table 1.

Effect of liner container size on root growth and anchorage rating at harvest from field nursery.

Liner container size (L)zDiameter five largest roots inside 11 L (mm)yDiameter five largest roots outside 11 L (mm)yNo. of straight rootsx >5 mm diameter at edge of root ball
1135 au19 a3.6 a
3833 ab18 a3.2 ab
5729 b14 b2.1 b
Liner container size (L)zTotal no. of roots edge of root ballwDepth 10 largest roots (cm)wAnchorage ratingv
11243 a12 b4.4 a
38200 ab14 b3.6 ab
57166 b17 a3.1 b
  • z Trees planted into field nursery in February 2007 from 11 L, October 2007 from 38 L, or January 2008 from 57 L container. Field production concluded end of 2009 when roots and anchorage were measured.

  • y Measured 5 cm inside or outside former position of the 11 L liner container.

  • x Roots that turned less than 45 degrees left or right between trunk and edge of the tree-spade-dug root ball.

  • w Measured at the edge of the 0.9 m wide tree-spade-dug root ball.

  • v Anchorage rating the day after digging field nursery trees (with a tree spade) originally planted from the three liner container sizes December 2009; 1 = loose, 5 = firm; trunk was rocked back and forth at its natural frequency.

  • u Means in a column with a different letter are statistically different at P < 0.05; n = 20, averaged across root pruning prior to field planting and field root pruning season due to insignificant (P > 0.06) interaction.