Table 2.

Compost analysis. Data are the average of 10 different samples taken in the compost shipped to the planting area. Volatile solids are the fraction of compost that is lost after 24 hours in oven at 105°C. They include humic and fulvic acids, nonhumic organic matter, and nutrients in volatile forms. Data are expressed over dry matter (DM) of compost.

Humidity (%)Glass and plastic (g/100 g DM)Total carbon (g/100 g DM)Volatile solids (g/100 g DM)Humic and fulvic acids (g/100 g DM)Ashes (g/100 g DM)N (g/100 g DM)P2O5 (g/100 g DM)K2O (g/100 g DM)pHC:N