Table 2.

Logistic regression results predicting likelihood of Tree City USA participation as a function of community population (log).

RegionnEstimateSEz-ratioPPop. at 0.5 probabilityz
1-New England   7361.050.11  9.3<0.000154,553
2-Middle Atlantic2,6170.900.0713.6<0.000196,034
3-East North Central1,6170.830.0613.6<0.000115,979
4-West North Central   8101.140.1011.5<0.0001  9,922
5-South Atlantic1,9060.860.0615.0<0.000148,823
6-East South Central   6021.090.12  8.9<0.000128,405
7-West South Central1,0621.130.0912.0<0.000180,731
8-Mountain   6470.630.08  8.0<0.000122,177
United States11,3550.830.0235.6<0.000146,262
  • z The predicted population at which a community has a 0.5 probability of participating in Tree City USA.