Table 6.

Effect of root pruning in the nursery on trunk rest angle for ‘Florida Flame’ maple winched to five degrees trunk tiltz planted into the landscape from #15 and #45 containers 26 months earlier.

Root pruningyTrunk rest angle of trees planted from #15 containers (degrees)Trunk rest angle of trees planted from #45 containers (degrees)
Yes0.9 bx0.9 bx
No1.2 a1.1 a
  • z Angle of trunk base relative to vertical start position following release of winching cable.

  • y Shaving removed the outer 3 cm of the #3 and #15 root ball periphery prior to shifting into planted container size.

  • x Numbers followed by a different letter within columns are statistically different at P < 0.005; n = 24, averaged across container type due to insignificant interaction [P = 0.75 (#15), 0.06 (#45)].