Table 5.

Effect of container type on bending stress required to tilt trunks to four and five degreesz for ‘Florida Flame’ maple planted into the landscape from #45 containersy 26 months earlier.

Container typexBending stress four degrees (MN/m2)Bending stress five degrees (MN/m2)
AP20.2 abcw22.1 abc
CR20.0 abc21.7 abc
FN20.6 ab22.7 ab
JP18.4 c20.1 c
RB21.4 a23.4 a
RT19.0 bc20.8 bc
SP20.3 abc22.2 abc
SS21.1 a23.1 a
  • z Container type was not significant when trees were winched to 1, 2, or 3 degrees.

  • y Bending stress for trees from #3 and #15 containers was not impacted by container type.

  • x See Gilman et al. 2015 (companion paper, in review) for description of containers.

  • w Numbers followed by a different letter within columns are statistically different at P = 0.04 (left) and 0.03 (right); n = 6, averaged across root pruning due to insignificant interaction (P > 0.32).