Table 1.

Street tree, removal, and Norway maple statistics for analyzed U.S. cities.

CityNo. blocksStreet treesRemovalsNorway maple
Totalz10% RSEy%xAvg.wSEvTotalz10% RSEy%xAvg.wSEvTotalz10% RSEy%xAvg.wSEv
Buffalo, New York5,95467,5931452.411.413.83,1195789.70.51.315,8235238.82.76.4
Lansing, Michigan5,38157,9021162.210.811.70nana0.00.09,7883236.01.83.4
Livonia, Michigan3,35737,854892.711.310.747181424.20.10.510,3302778.33.15.3
Parkersburg, West Virginia8761,73427931.82.04.013251558.80.20.510763872.80.10.6
Syracuse, New York5,12234,1491853.66.79.22,34565412.80.51.38,3573296.41.63.1
Wilmington, Delaware2,13212,586984.65.96.026377036.10.10.457365430.70.30.8
  • z Total number of trees.

  • y Number of block segments sampled to reach a 10% relative standard error.

  • x Percent of block segments needed to reach a 10% relative standard error.

  • w Average number per block.

  • v Standard error of average number per block.