Table 6.

Height, caliper, structural defects, and the average number of pruning cuts required for each species.

SpeciesCorymbia citriodoraPlatanus × acerifoliaPyrus calleryanaQuercus palustrisUlmus parvifolia
Number of trees sampled48104796552
DimensionsMean height (m)
Mean caliper (mm)71.1124.770.9132.6100.1
Number of pruning cutsMean secateurs0.
Mean handsaw0.
Mean pole pruner0.
Total average cuts1.
Structural defects as a percentage of species sample numberCodominant stems18.7544.260.866.292.3
Included bark16.743.336.73.134.6
Low branching8.310.623.141.317.3
Rubbing branches2.12.916.520.013.5
Broken branch(es)
Broken stem2.
Epicormic shoots0.
No structural defects60.43.825.321.53.8