Table 2.

Trees in central and northern New Jersey at the 95th percentile (maximum observed), DBH values including average DBH (cm) and maximum DBH (cm) observed. Letters within row were deemed statistically significant at alpha = 0.05.

SpeciesPit MaxAveragePlanting strip MaxAverageNon-limited MaxAverage
Acer platanoides4227.34a27.527.3a43.530.7b
Acer rubrum27.511.9a4131b4632.3b
Acer sacchariunum33.533.5a4940.6b5645.7c
Acer saccharum36z32.1ab3429.4a4534.9b
Gleditsia triacanthos15.515.5a27.519.9a4532.1b
Platanus × acerifolia4239.3a4938.4a6141.6a
Pyrus calleryana21.518.1ab2417.4a2521.5b
Quercus palustris45.5z33.7a4436.0b8041.0c
Quercus rubra3433.5a5038.4b7148.2c
Tilia cordata27.524.5a39.531.4b4536.9c
Zelkova serrata9.59.5a2216.9b37.328.7c
  • zAll trees in category were observed to be recommended for removal on condition appraisal.