Table 1.

Trees observed in complete urban municipal tree census inventories from 11 communities across north-central New Jersey. A listing of the most common species occurring in each size class by planting zone typology, their occurrence in the data set, and the maximum range observed DBH. Entries in bold italic were used within species-specific analysis, given their occurrence in adequate numbers across all planting typologies.

SpeciesPlanting zone tvpology
Acer palmatum0784
Cornus florida016304
Prunus serrulata187770
Syringa reticulata810734
Acer campestre04561
Carpinus betulus126344
Cladrastis kentukea01862
Phellodendron amurense11460
Picea pungens06178
Prunus yedoensis03165
Pyrus calleryanaz136714687
Sophora japonica42476
Acer platanoides9440523304
Acer pseudoplatanus01469
Acer rubrum3014042408
Acer saccharinum8530392
Acer saccharum306941280
Aesculus hippocastanum94989
Gleditsia triacanthos60225507
Platanus × acerifolia431411883
Prunus serotina013618
Quercus alba39226
Quercus bicolor569140
Quercus coccinea339262
Quercus palustris6619733358
Quercus phellos836172
Quercus rubra323371494
Quercus velutina120205
Tilia cordata32332551
Ulmus americana1160339
Zelkova serrata47529343
  • zCultivar popularized and gained rapid, wide adaptation.