Table 1.

Tree species used in the closed-ended questionnaire (n = 20). For each city, the 5 most abundant tree species in the public tree inventory are listed. Within each city, species are listed alphabetically.

HalifaxMontréalOttawaQuébec CityTorontoBostonNew YorkSyracuse
Acer platanoidesAcer platanoidesAcer platanoidesAcer platanoidesAcer platanoidesAcer rubrumAcer platanoidesAcer negundo
Amelanchier sp.Acer saccharinumAcer rubrumAcer saccharinumAcer saccharinumAcer saccharumGleditsia triacanthosAcer platanoides
Pyrus calleryanaFraxinus pennsylvanicaAcer saccharumFraxinus pennsylvanicaGleditsia triacanthosPrunus serotinaPlatanus × acerifoliaAcer saccharum
Tilia cordataGleditsia triacanthosGleditsia triacanthosQuercus rubraMalus sp.Quercus rubraPyrus calleryanaRhamnus cathartica
Ulmus americanaTilia cordataTilia cordataTilia cordataPicea pungensTsuga canadensisQuercus palustrisThuja occidentalis