Table 1.

Site rank characteristics and metrics. TRW is the mean tree-ring width of the years 2016 to 2019. Rbar is the inter-series correlation among detrended TRW series including ≥ 3 years.

SiteDescriptionImpervious coverBuilding heightVegetation coverNo. of treesCircumferenceTRWRbar
< 20 m> 20 m< 20 m> 20 m< 20 m> 20 m
SR1City avenuesHighHighHighHighNoneNone87178 cm0.23 cm0.12
SR2Residential and parking lotsMediumLowMediumLowLowMedium87170 cm0.25 cm0.22
SR3Urban plazas and grass stripsLowMediumLowMediumMediumLow94197 cm0.21 cm0.15
SR4Parks and playgroundsNoneNoneNoneNoneHighHigh81164 cm0.27 cm0.39