Table 2.

Average annual sales of surveyed urban and community (U&CF) businesses in the Southern United States by business type in 2019 (n = 236).

Business typeAverage annual sales* ($ thousand) (standard deviation)Average percentage of annual sales in U&CF (%)(standard deviation)
Landscaping services (including tree care services)$375 (42.6)55.71 (40.38)
Nursery, greenhouse, and tree production$375 (44.7)44.07 (38.71)
Nursery and garden supplies stores$750 (43.5)31.33 (34.59)
Farm and garden machinery$75 (5.73)27.67 (21.94)
Nursery and florist’s supplies merchant wholesalers$375 (40.80)33.00 (34.36)
Landscape architectural services$175 (9.71)39.07 (34.84)
Overall green industry$375 (43.2)51.16 (40.39)
  • *Since annual sales and revenues were recorded in ranges, we presented the midpoints of the ranges as average annual values.