Table S1.

Climate-suitability of baseline tree species used in the determination of tree mortality for future scenarios. Based on Metro Vancouver climate-adapted tree species database prepared by Diamond Head Consulting (2019a, 2019b). Size class was based on species-specific mature tree height: > 15 m (large); 10-15 m (medium); and < 10 m (small). Size information was primarily sourced from Breen 2022; missing information sourced from Kwantlen Polytechnic University (2015), Missouri Botanical Garden ([date unknown]), or Plants For A Future (2022).

Baseline tree speciesClimate suitabilitySize class
Abies grandisMarginalLarge
Acer campestreSuitableMedium
Acer palmatumMarginalSmall
Acer platanoidesSuitableMedium
Acer × freemaniiSuitableLarge
Betula papyriferaMarginalMedium
Carpinus betulusSuitableMedium
Carpinus carolinianaMarginalSmall
Cedrus atlanticaSuitableMedium
Cedrus deodaraVery suitableLarge
Cercidiphyllum japonicumMarginalMedium
Cercis canadensisVery suitableSmall
Chamaecyparis lawsonianaMarginalMedium
Cornus masSuitableSmall
Cuprocyparis leylandiiVery suitableLarge
Fagus sylvaticaMarginalLarge
Ficus caricaVery suitableSmall
Fraxinus americanaMarginalLarge
Fraxinus excelsiorSuitableLarge
Fraxinus ornusVery suitableMedium
Fraxinus pennsylvanicaVery suitableLarge
Gleditsia triacanthosVery suitableLarge
Liquidambar styracifluaSuitableLarge
Magnolia grandifloraSuitableLarge
Malus spp.SuitableSmall
Metasequoia glyptostroboidesMarginalLarge
Nothofagus antarcticaSuitableMedium
Parrotia persicaSuitableMedium
Pinus mugoVery suitableSmall
Pinus nigraVery suitableLarge
Prunus cerasiferaSuitableSmall
Prunus serrulataSuitableSmall
Prunus spp.SuitableSmall
Prunus × yedoensisSuitableMedium
Pseudotsuga menziesiiSuitableLarge
Pyrus calleryanaVery suitableMedium
Sorbus ariaVery suitableMedium
Thuja occidentalisSuitableMedium
Thuja plicataMarginalLarge
Trachycarpus fortuneiSuitableSmall