Table 2.

Mean number of volunteers and volunteer hours along with standard error of the mean (SEM) for different population groups and geographic regions that were ascertained for information related to urban trees/forest management activities in the United States.

ClassificationSample size (n)Mean number of people (#)Mean time all people (hours)Mean time per person (hours)SEM of number of people (#)SEM of time all people (hours)SEM of time per person (hours)
Total, all cities216205.0852.39.8256.1174.31.38
Population Group
2,500 to 4,9991634.2270.426.1618.2124.513.17
5,000 to 9,9991131.0158.76.9914.671.91.38
10,000 to 24,9991437.6158.38.4215.069.13.02
25,000 to 49,99952211.5368.49.48151.7139.32.11
50,000 to 99,99965119.1631.59.1452.8209.02.22
100,000 to 249,99941251.91089.77.4064.6243.01.89
250,000 to 499,00011324.13087.28.03166.71830.23.72
500,000 to 999,9994525.52606.83.71311.31227.20.51
1,000,000 +24068.512,5384.763879.511,3061.76
Geographic Region