Table 2.

Measurements of incidence and severity of leaf necrosis (recorded in 2018 and 2019) that were used to compare sycamore (Platanus occidentalis) wildtype and ‘Davis’ trees.

YearP. occidentalisLeaf necrosis
Incidence (range %)xMean rAUDPCy of incidencezP-valueSeverity (range %)xMean rAUDPCy of severityzP-value
2019wildtype16-10016.14B< 0.00120-320.41A0.44
  • x Range of disease incidence and severity values were recorded at the end of the trial in August of each year.

  • y rAUDPC = relative area under the disease progress curve. Columns represent the AUDPC values divided by the total number of days between the first and the last assessment.

  • z Columns not connected by the same letter are statistically different according to Tukey Honest Significant Difference test (a = 0.05).